Data Units

All data recorded by WeatherCitizen has SI units. Some units are in the SI base units while others are recorded in the standard meterological unit for that property.

The default units for sensor values are:

Sensor Platform SI Unit US Unit (display only)
Accelerometer Android, iOS m/s2 ft/s2
Altitude Android m ft
Air Density Kestrel 5500, Kestrel Drop kg/m3 lbs/ft3
Ambient Temperature Android degC degF
Barometric Pressure Kestrel 5500, Kestrel Drop mbar mbar
Carbon Monoxide FireMonitor ppm ppm
Dew Point Kestrel 5500, Kestrel Drop degC degF
Gravity Android m/s2 ft/s2
Gyroscope Android rad/s rad/s
Heat Stress Index Kestrel Drop Fire degC degF
Light Android lux lux
Linear Acceleration Android m/s2 ft/s2
Magnetic Field Android uT uT
Orientation Android deg deg
Orientation Android deg deg
Particulate Matter Airbeam2, FireMonitor ug/3 ug/3
Pressure Android, iOS mbar mbar
Proximity Android cm in
Relative Humidity Android % %
Rotation Vector Android none none
Step Counter Android steps steps
Wind Speed Kestrel 5500 km/h mph

Display Units

The WeatherCitizen app can be customized to display units in SI or US units. By default the app displays units in SI.

Unit conversions in the app are performed using the mathjs library. When defining units in a custom input field, the string used to define the units must correspond to the mathjs unit reference strings.