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Environmental Observations from Mobile Devices

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Dynamic App Features

Detailed Manual Observations Passive Data Collection Connect to BLE Sensors Explore the Data Map Data Output to JSON/CSV Data Analysis & Tools
  • Detailed Manual Observations

    Detailed Manual Observations

    The Snapshot Observation tool lets you take an active role in environmental observation. Turn current conditions such as temperature, precipitation, and wind speed into detailed geolocated data, using customizable manual inputs and a photo of your surroundings.

  • Passive Data Collection

    Passive Data Collection

    The Session Observation tool lets you record environmental data without even touching your smartphone. Using the sensors already built into your smartphone, record data such as barometric pressure, air temperature, and altitude in the background.

  • Connect to BLE Sensors

    Connect to BLE Sensors

    The WeatherCitizen app is compatible with many external Bluetooth devices, like a pocket weather station, allowing you to document environmental conditions with even more precision.

  • Explore the Data Map

    Explore the Data Map

    Visualize the data you’ve collected on a configurable map, or explore data collected by WeatherCitizen users in near-real time.

  • Data Output to JSON/CSV

    Data Output to JSON/CSV

    Use WeatherCitizen to facilitate your environmental research. Download data collected by the community and analyze it with Excel, MATLAB, or Python.

  • Data Analysis & Tools

    Data Analysis & Tools

    Plot and manipulate your data in-browser using the Data Map, or visualize it using the QGIS plug-in.

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