Connect External Sensors

This guide will describe how to connect external Bluetooth sensors to WeatherCitizen.

Before moving forward, make sure the Bluetooth radio on the mobile device is turned on. On both iOS and Android, Bluetooth can be turned on/off from the settings menu of the device. For Android devices, device location must be enabled to scan for nearby bluetooth devices. Device location can also be enabled from the settings menu of the device.

The Connect External Sensors page is accessed through the sidebar menu. Press the hamburger icon in the top right of the app and select the Connect External Sensors menu item.

connect-sensors-1 connect-sensors-2

Once on the Connect External Sensors page, press the green Start Scan button to begin listing nearby Bluetooth devices. Devices will be listed in the order they are found.

While many Bluetooth devices may be listed, WeatherCitizen only supports certain external sensor peripherals. Upon connection, WeatherCitizen will alert you if the device is not supported. See the External Sensors topic for more information on supported devices.


Select the device you want to connect to your phone by pressing the green Connect button next to the device name. While the device is in the process of connecting, the text connecting... will be displayed in place of the green button.


Press the red Stop Scan button to stop looking for nearby devices.


When you are connected to a device, the device will be displayed in the box below the text Connected Devices. In the example below, we are connected to a Kestrel Drop Fire module manufactured by Nielsen-Kellerman.


Once an external device is connected, data values from the external device will be read every time an observation is made (both Snapshot or Session). External sensors are not recorded during sensor bursts. See the data model topic for more information about how external sensor data is recorded and identified in data records.

To disconnect from a specific device, navigate to the Connect External Sensors page and press the red Disconnect button in the device’s box.